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Work Your Business, Don't Just Read About It

Are you one of those people who want to just read read read and think you have to learn everything about the business before you get out there and get your business going? Not True! I did that and found I wasted so much time and time is really valuable.

If you work your business from the heart, be honest and feel comfortable about how you are marketng yourself and your product, you will be a success! You really don't need to know everything, you will learn it as you go.

You can spend so much time reading files and listening to conferences, reading this blog and that article, it becomes mind boggeling. The more you read and listen the less time you are spending getting out there. Not that you shouldn't read and learn, that's not my point. The point is you need to be strict on your time allotment for your computer or you could be sucked in all day!

Your business is your own, so make it your own and do it your way, the way that feels best for you! Do your business first thing in the morning and save the afternoons or evenings for computer time. Maybe give yourself an hour or an hour and a half very early in the morning or late in the evening. That way you will leave most of the day for your "plan of action".

Sure it's fine to get ideas from team mates and articles so you can improve in certain areas, but make sure to set a limit on your time on the computer, because sure enough if you turn that computer on in the morning and start reading everything, pretty soon half the day is gone. So you say, "oh no, I guess it's too late to get out there today". I think that is called procrastination!

We tell ourselves we are just trying to learn everything there is to learn, but really, some of us are just reluctant to get out there! We learn by doing and if we work our businesses we will learn as we go. Hands on is the best way anyway!

So the bottom line is, your business is first, set yourself limits on the computer and make your business your own by doing it the best way that feels right and natural to you. Just learn as you go have integrity, honesty and a smile!!


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