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Where Does All the Time Go?

Have you ever feel that you are running out of time before you can finish the homework? Or sometimes if you just sit down and think what day is it today and you realize that you have passed one week and you did not feel it.

It is quite surprising when you sit and think about where all the time in one day goes. Twenty four hours is really a lot of time. But on most days it scarcely seems enough. But this is because of certain misconceptions about time.

Let us proceed to carefully examine where all that time goes and find out if twenty four hours really is. For that I have listed out certain points which will help you to get a realistic view about how much time you really have in a day.

Point 1
We do not really get twenty four hours in a day. Maybe its because we always talk about the twenty four hours in a day, we get the feeling that we really do have twenty four hours to finish our daily business and the fact is that we do not. Assuming that you hit the sack at least by twelve in the night and taking for granted the fact that you need at least seven hours of sleep; let me fix your waking time at seven in the morning.

That means that you have already lost seven hours, which we can deduct from twenty four, giving us only fourteen waking hours. Waking hours does not mean the hours you take to wakeup but the hours that you are awake. So let us get that straight, we have only 14 hours in a day. Now if you think that all those fourteen hours can be used for productive work, you are wrong again. For we come to our next point.

Point 2
The fourteen waking hours cannot be used completely for productive work. There are many things that a human being should do in order to continue to live like a human being and some of theses things do take up a lot of time. Now the following list that I have drawn up is sure to vary from person to person. But I have taken the times for each action on what I felt to e reasonable times as far as any normal human being is concerned.

Taking a shower
Most of us take a shower at least once in a day and the time I think we can put down for that is ten minutes. For those of you cleaner ones who shower twice a day put that as twenty minutes.

Answering the call of nature
Oh yes, we are all very cultured people who have the best of manners and upbringing. We dress ourselves properly and conduct ourselves with the utmost poise. But there are several times in a day when we have to go back to nature and summing up all those things we do in the bath room I think a good half hour should be enough.

Getting ready and tidying ourselves
When we move about in society definitely we have to look our best and adding up all the minutes that we spend in front of that mirror, we get another ten minutes. For some people of course, this figure comes up to half an hour. But I think ten minutes is good enough.

From the above articles we found out that from the 24 hours which we have, we dont have exactly 24 hours to do many things. We have to choose which priorities in our lives which we need to be done first.


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