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Top Ten Time Saver You Need to Know

We have heard the illustration about the pail, sands and rocks. If we can accommodate many things in one pail, we can do things in a particular time. In this article we will learn more about this illustration, and how can we learn from this illustration.

While you are trying to handle those rocks, do not forget those pebbles, marbles, and grains of sand and drops of water. Some people have asked me to give specific examples for these materials. So I would like to take a minute to compare. I believe that things like saying good morning and greeting others generally are very important if you are working in an organization. These things I would compare to the water. Just because you have had a busy day, it does not mean that you have to be a grouch.

Telephone calls (remember to be brief) I would liken to the sand. They keep coming all the time. And if you do not answer your telephone calls people will start thinking you do not work there anymore. Responding to emails and dispatching bills and payments can be compared to the marbles Meetings and discussions are the pebbles and major projects and things like audits and presentations are the rocks.

There should be time for everything and everything should have it is time.

And with this I would like to tell you to please discard the myth of perfection. It does not exist in this world. Nothing and I mean nothing is perfect. So, it is not really important that everything has to be shipshape. As long as it is presentable you dont have to lose sweat about a project that you have done. But that does not mean that your work should be shabby. Make it as presentable as is possible within the time frame allotted.

And in order to accomplish more within lesser time it is about time we took a look at those time savers and that takes us to our next chapter.

Time savers
Everything in this world has something to balance its existence. If there is white, there is black; if there is darkness there is light, if there are time wasters, there are time savers. So now let us focus our attention towards those time savers because they are our best friends when we talk about Time Management.

Again, as in the case of time killers, I am just listing out a few general examples over here. These are by no means the only time savers in the world.

The Top Ten Time Savers
Fax Machines
The Internet
Coffee Machines
Bulletin or Notice Boards
Photo Copiers
Efficient Filing Systems
Good Secretaries and Junior Staff

As we know that we used to do the thing which has come up only wasting our time. We need to know how to overcome this problem. The time saver will help you to use your time in more efficient. You need to recognize your time killer then you know how to handle your time killer with your time saver.


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